SOLD! SOLD! SOLD! "Angel" #1522 was born in 2015.  She is a white Romeldale, and has some horn buds.  She has a great fleece, and I would love to keep her in our flock.  She gives us white lambs, and lambs unassisted.  She is on our shortlist because she eats the LGD's dog food.  Because of health issues this is something we just cannot deal with right now.  She does have the color gene!

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SOLD! "Houdini" is a dual registered ram.  He was purchased from Dee Heinrich in 2016 (born in 2016) and is RR.  She described him as having swiss markings.  His price is $450.  He bred 30 ewes this year, with 186% lambing rate, although 20% were first timers.