We are downsizing our flock this year due medical reasons.  We are selling some our older ewes which have been used to improve the quality of our fleeces over the past eight years.  

SOLD! SOLD! SOLD!"Crash" #46 (also on the right in the above photo) is a small ewe.  She was born in 2014.  Her wool is very dark ranging from a dark grey to nearly black.  Many dark ewes develop a coarser wool as they get older.  Her wool has not, and this trait has transferred to her offspring, making her an important part of our flock.   She typically has twins.  We typically keep an eye on her at lambing time.  We have had to assist once in her four years of lambing. 

SOLD! SOLD! SOLD! "Fuzzy" #43 is the grey on the left with no coat.  She was born in 2014.  Her wool is more Romney like, with a much more open crimp.  She does not have a lot of color, ranging from nearly white after washing to a pale grey.   She is a staple in our flock because her fleece has a five inch lock length.  Her lambs typically follow suit with a four inch lock length or more.   She always has twins, and we have never had to assist.   .

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